4 health misunderstandings in daily life, great damage to health, many people are doing, whether you are recruiting

4 health misunderstandings in daily life, great damage to health, many people are doing, whether you are recruiting

Letting more people be healthy is my greatest happiness. I will share the knowledge of TCM health care every day. Friends who like health care can pay attention to me.

In modern society, food and clothing can not meet our needs, and the pursuit of high-quality life is everyone’s goal.

However, in this era of material life, our physical health has received more and more people’s attention. The incidence of various sub-health, chronic diseases and even cancer is getting higher and higher, and there is a trend of youthfulness.

Therefore, it has nurtured the passionate topics and priorities of most people.

However, I found that many people around me have more or less misunderstandings. The most common ones are as follows: First, a lot of perspiration is suitable for detoxification, but excessive sweating is not good for health.

Some people go to the gym every night to run a lot of sweat; some people often go to the steaming room to steam and sweat, I believe these people think that it is in health care.

Indeed, for long-term lack of exercise, even sweating is good for health, but long-term heavy sweating is more harmful than good, and even affects your health.

Chinese medicine believes that sweat is a heart fluid, sweat and blood are homologous, sweating out is a lot of blood, what blood?

It is the blood of the wound.

The heart is hurt, and the heart will follow the injury.

Insufficient blood, blood does not raise the heart, heart fire will always float, prone to heart problems such as flustered heart.

Have you discovered that few athletes can live longer, that is, training allows them to exercise excessively for a long time, and the spirit of the body is too much.

Because things are extremely counter-productive, everything is good but excessive is harmful.

Therefore, moderate exercise, do some slow moving parts: walking, playing Tai Chi, yoga, Ba Duan Jin, etc. is more suitable for health care.

Second, to supplement the bowel, everyone understands the harm of the stool to the human body, so many people began to detoxify the body and detoxification.

Yes, for long-term constipation, clearing the intestines to help discharge the toxins of the garbage is beneficial to health, but for those who have normal bowel movements every day, replacing the bowel is harmful to health.

Because the so-called bowel products contain more or less diarrhea.

Chinese medicine says that the cold is warm, the heat is diarrhea, and the imaginary is supplemented.

Long-term diarrhea can hurt the spleen and yang, and it is especially good for people with weak body. It is even more difficult to take the diarrhea method.

The diarrhea is easy to make the vital energy vent, and it will form an atmosphere subsidence, and there will be symptoms such as qi deficiency and visceral drooping.

Even if there is a lavage method for urinary waste, it is not a cure for the symptoms. It should be adjusted from the diet structure and eating habits, from the aspects of regulating the function of the spleen and stomach, so that the body can actively discharge the toxins from the garbage, which is the true way of health.

For example: 1, avoid too much or excess, a meal full or hunger for the loss of the spleen and stomach will take several days to fully recover.

2, avoid cold drinks, spleen and stomach are hot and cold, try to eat warm food.

Cold food enters the body and needs yang and warm blood to warm up to the body temperature to be absorbed by the body, so cold drinks are the most damaging to yang.

Insufficient yang, lack of physical motivation, and the natural elimination of garbage toxins is slower.

Third, eight glasses of water a day This is a common sense that many people know. Because 60% of the human body is made up of water, water plays an extremely important role in our life activities.

People can’t be short of water, but there is no standard value for how much water a person needs to drink, and it is related to each person’s water metabolism and body needs.

For example, for a person who sweats a lot in the field for a whole day, 8 cups of water may not be enough to compensate for the loss of water.

And for some people drinking too much water is harmful to health.

For example: spleen and kidney yang deficiency, excessive moisture, due to the transport capacity of the spleen and stomach, the gasification function of the kidney is relatively weak, resulting in the body’s water and moisture itself can not be metabolized.

At this time, if you deliberately absorb a lot of water, the spleen can not push it to the old metabolism, it will stay in the body, increase the humidity or stay in some parts of the body, some people will begin to appear eye bags, even the skinEdema, aggravation of the body and so on.

Therefore, drinking water is important, but adjusting the spleen and stomach is more important. Only the spleen and stomach are healthy, and the absorbed food and water can be absorbed and utilized by human cells.

Fourth, do not eat staple food, only eat fruit and vegetable detoxification has a detoxification called the valley, that is, do not eat staple food, but because it is too difficult to eat at all, so the vegetable and fruit instead of the staple food, the formation of the so-called “grain.”

This kind of health care is very large if it is often done on the body. Lightness causes insufficient blood and blood, and heavy causes endocrine disorders.

The Yellow Emperor said in the internal classics: the grain is for raising, the five fruits are for help, the five animals are for benefit, and the five dishes are for filling.

The nutrition nutrition pyramid is also based on the staple food, accounting for the largest proportion.

Physical health, high blood pressure, nutritional balance, lack of any kind of nutrition can cause disease.

Vegetables and fruits can’t replace the nutrients of the staple food, and the lack of balanced nutrition can affect normal function.In addition, vegetables and fruits are mostly cold, a small amount of food is beneficial, but a large number of eat easily lead to spleen and stomach cold.

Some girls only eat vegetables and fruits, menstruation does not come, it is because of the imbalance of nutrition caused by lack of blood.

Therefore, the best health food is balanced to implant a variety of food, not partial eclipse is not picky eaters.

We must grasp the moderate health care process. The best food supplement can also become a poison to the body. Excessive health care methods may also disrupt the body’s own yin and yang balance and bring complications to the body.