Antipyretic Elixir-Liuyi San_1

Antipyretic Elixir-Liuyi San

[Party Name]Liuyi San[Source]”Huang Di Su Wen Xuan Ming Fang”[Classification]Heat Relief-Qingshu Lishi[Composition]Talc (180g) Licorice (30g)[Function]Qingshu Lishi.

  [Attending]Shushi card.

Body heat and thirst, unfavorable urination, or diarrhea.

(This prescription can be used for cystitis, urethritis and other hot and humid people.

)[Usage]is finely divided, 9-18 grams per serving, fried, or adjusted with warm water, 2-3 times a day, often added to other prescriptions to decoction.

When adding decoction, reduce the amount as appropriate.

  [Contraindications]If Yin deficiency, no hot and humid inside, or urination and elders avoid using.

Pregnant women should not take it.

  [Fang Jie]This card is caused by the dampness of summer evil.

The heat of the summer is the evil, the heat of the breath passes through the heart, so those who are hurt by the heat often see heat and upset; the heat of the heat, see thirst; every time the summer disease gets wet, dampness in the inside, the bladder gasification is not good, soSeeing that urination is unfavorable; diarrhea is caused by walking between the intestines.

Expelling heat and dampness.

Fangzhong talc is mildly cold and has a heavy body. It can clear away the heat of the summer to cure the thirst of the heat, and can also benefit the watercourse to make the sanjiao damp heat from the urine, and the urination caused by the heat is not good.Diarrhea, so it can be king.

The raw licorice and ganping are cool, can clear heat and relieve fire, and nourish Qi and neutrality. They are compatible with talc. One can be cold and refreshing, so that urination and fluid are not hurt.Chan medicine.

Combination of two medicines, Qingshu dampness, can make the evil of Sanjiao Shushi leak from the lower coke, then heat, thirst, leaching, diarrhea can be cured.

  The compatibility of this formula is that the medicine is peaceful, clearing heat without leaving damp, and protecting water without hurting yin. It is a famous recipe for clearing heat and dampness.

  This party was formerly known as Yiyuan San, a Tianshui San, and later generations are collectively referred to as Liuyi San.

It not only takes the meaning of “a lifetime of water in the sky, 60% of the ground”, but also explains the proportion of the amount of prescription medicine to show the difference between the benefits of Jiachensha.

  [Cultivation]If the summer heat is heavy, you can add light bamboo leaves, watermelon green clothes and the like to relieve the heat; those who are thirsty and thirsty and red, can add Ophiopogon, Adenophora, Dendrobium, etc.If the fire is more prosperous and the tongue is upset, you can add bamboo leaves, Dengxin, Coptis and other diarrhea to relieve the annoyance; for Qi and Tianjin injuries, you can add American ginseng, Schisandra, etc. to nourish qi and nourish yin, those who urinate astringently or have gravel or stones,Optional add diuretic root, small thistle, plantain and sea gold sand, money grass, chicken internal gold and other diuretic Tonglin.

  [Attachment]Yi Yuan San (“Typhoid Fever”), Biyu San (“Typhoid Fold”), Ji Su San (“Typhoid Fever”)[Note]This prescription is for the treatment of heat and dampnessBasis for unfavorable foundation.

The main points of clinical application are body heat and thirst, and unfavorable urination.