East Asia China releases 2019 Corporate Social Responsibility Report

East Asia China releases “2019 Corporate Social Responsibility Report”
On April 20, 2020, the Bank of East Asia (China) Co., Ltd. (“East Asia China”) officially released the “2019 Corporate Social Responsibility Report”, which fully and fully demonstrated the importance and achievements of East Asia China in the practice of corporate social responsibility in 2019.As a Hong Kong-funded bank with a company rooted in the Mainland, East Asia China has never forgotten its original intention. Through continuous promotion of a series of corporate social responsibility projects, it actively contributes to the society and is committed to becoming the best localized foreign bank.  Ten Years of Contribution to the Benefits of the Public Welfare Fund In 2019, the Bank of East Asia Public Welfare Fund ushered in the important agenda of its tenth anniversary.This first public welfare fund initiated by a foreign bank in the Mainland was jointly created by East Asia China and Shanghai Soong Ching Ling Foundation. For ten years, it is actively committed to caring for and helping young people in poverty-stricken areas.  As of the end of 2019, the scale of donations raised by the Bank of East Asia Public Welfare Fund has reached RMB 85.72 million, and the love footprint has spread across 27 provinces, cities and autonomous regions across the country.Through the three core public welfare projects of the “Firefly Project”, the “Bank of East Asia Student Scholarship Program” and the “Civil Public Welfare Organization Funding Program”, the Bank of East Asia Public Welfare Fund has established 99 “Firefly Paradise” nationwide, and continues to maintain the “Firefly Package”” More than 53,900, organized volunteer support activities 18 times, 65 rural teachers and principals training, and gradually trained 1,316 rural teachers, benefiting tens of thousands of teachers and students in poor areas; 170 more outstanding poor college students continue to complete their studies; Gradually support 48 outstanding non-profit public welfare organization projects to provide assistance to vulnerable groups such as children with autism, children with cerebral palsy, children of migrant workers, families with lost independence, and elderly people at the end of life.  Focus on the depth and breadth of education Continue to improve the Bank of East Asia Public Welfare Fund focuses on youth education, actively seeks breakthroughs in various aspects, and strives to continue to provide more suitable groups and more in-depth help in a variety of forms.In 2019, in response to the weak awareness of sexual protection of children and adolescents in remote areas such as the Lanhu Autonomous County of Lancangjiang, Yunnan, the Bank of East Asia ‘s public welfare fund will invest the budget of adolescent sexual education protection for the first time.The project is aimed at the homes and schools where left-behind children and adolescents are located. It carries out sexual protection knowledge dissemination, including youth health classrooms, youth health family guidance, and youth health theme days, etc., to improve the growth environment of local children.  In addition, the “2019 Bank of East Asia Cup Shanghai Middle School Student Financial Education Campus Tour” event also ended successfully.The event has been successfully held for seven consecutive years. Every year, nearly 10,000 students from more than 120 middle schools participate in the event, and its influence has increased year by year, making a positive contribution to the education of youth financial knowledge dissemination.  At the same time, the Shanghai-Hong Kong Bank Historical Exhibition Hall, which was built by East Asia China Construction and gradually promotes cultural exchanges between Shanghai and Hong Kong, has been operating for more than a year, and has gradually received more than 10,000 visitors by the end of 2019.The museum is located in the former site of the former Shanghai branch of the Bank of East Asia. As an excellent historical protection building in Shanghai, the marble counter, vault, and safe depository in the first floor hall of the museum have been baptized for nearly a hundred years. The original historical appearance is still intact.  As a bank with a sense of responsibility and responsibility, East Asia China has never ceased to actively implement corporate social responsibility.In early 2020, in the face of a sudden new coronary pneumonia epidemic, East Asia China donated RMB 3 million to Wuhan’s anti-epidemic frontline for the first time to provide protection and support for first-line medical staff, and launched a number of financial policies to assist in epidemic prevention.Recently, the Bank of East Asia Public Welfare Fund has survived anti-epidemic materials such as disinfectant and hand sanitizer to remote rural schools to help schools solve the problem of shortage of anti-epidemic materials.In the future, East Asia China will further actively promote corporate citizenship responsibility, vigorously promote the public welfare culture, and focus on youth support, in areas such as education funding, life care, medical support, etc., to help more people in need.