Are you a big woman

Are you a “big woman”

On a quiet evening, you were watching TV, and it was exactly advertising time. You picked up the remote control to prepare the turntable, but found that the remote control failed, no matter how you pressed it, there was no response.
What will happen to your first reaction?
A、更换遥控器的电池B、打电话到电器铺寻求协助C、放弃遥控器,直接按电视上的按钮来转台D、将遥控器拿起来,轻轻敲打  选择A:你是个绝对理性的人When I found that the remote control failed, the first thing I thought was that the battery was dead, so I immediately replaced the battery to deal with the problem.
Such a rational you, when it comes to love, will be the same reason, you know how to distinguish which man is the one in your heart.
Basically, you have a big woman side, but this attitude you will only use for those who you don’t care about.
  Option B: As soon as there is a problem, you will immediately call the appliance shop to find out. This means that you are a very understandable person and will never have any willful behavior.
You are very principled in doing things, and I believe that anyone will find you easy-going and lovely, and big women and you will not be involved at all.
Being willing to communicate with people is also your success. Even if you want the other person to do something for you, you will definitely give him a reason to convince him to take it orally.
  Option C: You are a woman who is comfortable and meets a little bit. When you encounter a remote control, you are not obedient. Your first reaction is to press the turn button on the TV directly.
There is nothing you can do to make someone like you domineeringly.
The big woman and your character are completely opposite.
  Choice D: Your first reaction was to pick up the remote control and hit, you really have character.
It seems that you are definitely a modern woman who has the courage to act, has the confidence and the character.
In the world of love, you will also be a 100% big woman, often want to dominate your other half.
Do you think that since you love me, you must listen to me.