Fight the fate of aging with affordable skincare


Fight the fate of aging with affordable skincare

How to put an end to this sudden doom?

How to keep skin smooth and hydrated?

How to make myself more young and energetic?

This is the skin care homework that should be studied carefully after the fall.


hzh {display: none; }  300元以下!Affordable Anti-Wrinkle Cream An American dermatologist has conducted a survey on anti-aging products. An experimental analysis and comparison of the ingredients of a cheap anti-wrinkle cream and a super-brand luxury anti-aging product found that the two are very effective.

This investigation has caused drool wars caused by cosmetics with hundreds and thousands of dollars on the Internet.

This controversy is not conclusive, but in terms of cost-effectiveness, high-quality affordable skin care products do have its allure, especially when your purse is not full.

  As far as the beauty ingredients are concerned, things like hyaluronic acid, Q10, seaweed extract, peptides, etc. are all star ingredients that fight against the initial stage and enhance the skin’s self-hydration function, and the price of raw materials is not expensive, which is why there are cheap anti-wrinkle creams andLuxury anti-aging products have similar reasons.

  Jiyan elastic muscle moisturizer contains coenzyme Q10 and natural soy lecithin antioxidant ingredients, which can improve the production of collagen and promote skin firmness.

  FANCL Revitalizing Essence can improve the skin’s water storage function and ability to absorb nutrients, and prevent the skin from prematurely aging due to lack of water.

  AQUA Firming Night Cream has a variety of effective natural ingredients for skin that lacks elasticity and tension, creating firm and elastic skin.

  The original intelligent protection system of Avon New Life Regenerating Cream prevents the aging marks of damaged cells from the root and solves the problem of initial skin deterioration.

  The high elasticity and smoothing factor of Aupele Anti-Wrinkle Extract Cream can instantly make fine lines inconspicuous. Other anti-wrinkle ingredients can promote epidermal renewal, improve deep and long wrinkles, and prevent new wrinkles.

  Magnolia Oil Rejuvenating Face Gold Pure Cream can simulate the “injection anti-wrinkle” and “photon skin rejuvenation” mechanisms, can promote collagen regeneration, make the epidermal cells full and supple, and reduce the length and depth of wrinkles.

  Loreal rejuvenating double essence milk double tube packaging, the concentrated lifting gel in the rose tube can tighten the skin instantly; the white anti-wrinkle cream can reduce wrinkles and make the contours clearer.

  Decrease 5 years old!

Magical age-reducing makeup If skin care products are started from the skin’s internal environment to achieve the purpose of age reduction, then makeup is wielding magic hands on the appearance, using light and color to magically fade the traces of time.

  Senior image stylist Zhang Hanyi once demonstrated how to reduce the age of makeup.

This makeup look is successful and can make people participate as a whole 3-5 years younger.

The following are the main points of makeup for age reduction makeup. The steps are simple and easy to operate. OL with a basic makeup can easily grasp.

  Opalle Gentle Cleansing Makeup Remover gradually changes from a gel to a liquid to release makeup remover oil. It can also clean up makeup and dirt that are difficult to remove.

  DHC Red Pink Rose Powder Foundation supplements essential oils that can adjust the condition of the skin, preventing skin from drying out.

  The IPSA Ultra-Shaped Two-Color Eyebrow Pencil is an ultra-thin extension formula that can be inserted into each eyebrow slenderly.

The two-tone combination of light and shade can make the eyebrow burst more three-dimensional and natural.



C pink ink focus eyeshadow.

hzh {display: none; }  粉质细腻,着色平滑,涂在眼睑上,仿如乳霜般柔润细腻。   M.One.

C cashmere lip gloss lemon oil can make lips feel cooler, vanilla-based formula will bring a warm feeling, the interlaced touch will be more fun.

  1 foundation.

  Choose a moisturizing foundation.

The foundation with saturated moisture and oil content will have a strong application feeling, and it is not easy to produce floating powder.

Transparent base makeup helps people attract youth and health.

  2 concealers.   The use of a light-colored concealer on the decree lines has a swelling effect, which can make the decree lines inconspicuous.

  The use of a lighter-than-race color on the fundus can make the eyes suddenly over-excited.

  3 Makeup powder.

  Use a loose powder brush to brush the loose powder to the full length with a light pat, forming a dual effect of setting makeup and controlling oil, making the skin transparent and young.

  Don’t make the powder too thick, it will make people look old and outdated.

  4 eyebrows.

  It is slightly wider like a girl on campus, and the natural eyebrow shape can make people fall into innocence.

  If you like clear eyebrow shape, use eyebrow pencil to make extra strokes. If you like fuzzy eyebrow shape, eyebrow powder is the best.

  5 eyeshadows.

  Forget those colorful colors, natural eye shadows can make your eyes big and bright.

  Apply a lighter compound eye shadow on the eyelids and apply it flat. The closer to the root of the eyelashes, the heavier the color will be.

  6 Mascara.

  Always curl your lashes before applying mascara.

Densely curled eyelashes make you look younger.

  The correct order of applying mascara is: apply long lashes first, then apply thick lashes.

  7 rouge.

  Rouge may be young or mature, depending on its location.

  The round rouge hitting the cheekbones is the youngest and most adorable.

  If your face is round or the atrium is fine, you can make the round rouge slightly inclined.

  If your face is long and thin, rouge can be hit horizontally.

  8 lip gloss.

  The first thing to ignore is the lip line, which is too obvious and will increase the sense of age.

  If your lip color is darker, lip gloss may occur. The remedy is to cover the original lip color with foundation first.