Heming Huating with the same paragraph turnover increased by 1206% month-on-month

“” Heming Huating “with the same paragraph” turnover increased by 1206% month-on-month
This week, the finale of “Herring Huating”, Xiao Dingquan went through ups and downs, and finally let his homeland return to tranquility, and Lu Wenxi’s loved ones eventually became dependents.According to alleged Youku statistics, among the users of “Her Huating” chasing dramas, the proportion of master’s degree has reached 1 of the benchmark value of video content in the whole station.2 times, the proportion of doctor degree is 1 of the benchmark value of the whole station.3 times.According to data from related websites, since the launch of “Herting Huating”, the turnover of original novels has increased by 743% month-on-month; the number of online readers of original articles has increased by 552% month-on-month.It is reported that the popularity of Youku’s “Twelve Hours of Chang’an” in 2019 has driven a wave of cultural, catering and tourism consumption.The aesthetics of the Song Dynasty displayed in the “Her Huating” has also attracted the attention of many national wind enthusiasts and the Hanfu crowd, which has driven the rapid growth of ancient style clothing sales.According to the data, since the episode was launched, the transaction volume of “The same version of” Herting Huating “” has increased by 1206% month-on-month; the transaction volume of “Song-made Hanfu” has increased by more than 1172%, and the turnover has exceeded 932%.Stills of “Herring Huating”.The picture comes from the online sauna, edited by Tong Wei at night net Liu Wei